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Using Cheat Engine on Android

Learn how cheat engine works on Android phone and whether cheat engine is a virus or not. Also, Cheat engine is legal to use.

Cheat Engine is an android patching tool like Lucky Patcher. If there are some hackable games in Android, you can use Cheat Engine to hack those games and crack some of their hidden functions. For example, you can mod apk and hack in app purchases easily using some methods and cheat engine app.

However, before you start, we must warn you that Cheat Engine isn’t actually a hacking application. Instead, it just allows you to go into game’s inner and hidden options. It allows you to modify the game so that you can you make changes and earn free points in game. It’s not illegal to do that.

Is it legal to use Cheat Engine on Android?

Yes, it is legal to use Cheat Engine on android apps, unless you are breaking laws in your region. Modifying a game or app for personal use is allowed and has no legal restrictions.

However, using Cheat Engine is advised to be not promoted for moral and basic reasons like software corruption risks and unfairness.

Does Cheat Engine require root?

According to various tech blogs, Cheat Engine requires root to function properly. Some functions of Cheat Engine work without rooting phone too. But for all of the options provided by cheat engine to work, it requires rooted android phone.

If you install Cheat Engine in a rooted phone, you can have access to deep app options and allow yourself to modify app further upto maximum. However, rooting android phone comes with various risks, therefore we recommend you to not root your phone unless very necessary.

Is Cheat Engine a virus?

No, Cheat Engine is not a virus. However, Cheat Engine works in the same way as any virus works. Therefore, it is categorized as a virus by most of the anti-virus software.

Cheat Engine is used to perform app modification which aren’t naturally allowed by any anti-virus tool. Therefore, Norton, Avast or many other anti-virus programs will say that Cheat Engine is a virus.

How to use Cheat Engine on Android?

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Time needed: 10 minutes.

To use Cheat Engine on Android, follow these steps –

  1. Download Cheat Engine app and install it on a rooted phone.

  2. Before installing, root your phone and allow unknown source installation.

  3. Open any game and then go to Cheat Engine.

  4. Locate your game process in Cheat Engine and search for the value you want to modify.

  5. Check the value change by changing it in game and then checking in Cheat Engine.

  6. Now enter the desired value in cheat Engine and confirm.

  7. Find the new value modified in the game.

So this is how you can use Cheat Engine for android game modifications.

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Should you use Cheat Engine?

Although it is legal and safe to use Cheat Engine, you must use it just for experimental processes. If you want to use Cheat Engine for hacking games, we recommend you to stop using any modification tools at all.

For more information about Cheat Engine, go to wikipedia page.

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