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Using Creehack for free in-app purchase

Creehack is supposed to be the most popular free in-app purchase tool after Lucky Patcher. However, since Lucky Patcher is more than just a gift card tool, Creehack on the other hand has no other motive than providing android in-app purchase hacks.

Another major difference between Lucky Patcher and Creehack is that according to some reviews, Creehack has been successful in hacking server sided games and apps too.

Should you use Creehack?

No, you shouldn’t. When it comes to legal and authorized activities, you should stay away from any app that promises any type of android hacks, be it game guardian, Appsara or any other mod tool.

But if you will talk about worthiness of Creehack, our review says that you can use Creehack since it has been more successful than many other such mod apk tools.

Does Creehack require rooted android phone?

Unfortunately, it does.

Creehack requires root access to your Android phone to work, which increases the risk of using the app even more. Many website promise that Creehack works without rooting phone, but we doubt it. According to its users, Creehack demands root privilege before it can try getting free in app purchases.

You can use app like Kingroot to root android phone easily.

How to use Creehack?

Creehack is not found on the Play Store as it violates the terms and conditions of apps allowed on the store. However, you can easily download Creehack APK and install in your android phone to start using it.

Before you download or install Creehack on your phone, we must warn you that there is no guarantee of how safe it is and we recommend you to prevent usage of Creehack.

How to start using Creehack in android phone?

  1. Enable Creehack for use

    First of all, open Creehack app and click on ‘On’ button so that it shows the status of app as enabled. Once enabled, you can minimize the app use it for other app purchases.

  2. Open the game to be hacked

    Now open the game of app you want to hack in app purchases in. You must make sure that the game has purchase option available. Remain signed in to your Google account before starting the purchase.

  3. Click on buy option in game

    Now go to the game’s purchase section or shop section. Select the item you want to buy and then click on Purchase button. When the payment page pops up, wait for the Creehack option to be shown.creehack tutorial for free in app purchase

  4. Buy using Creehack for free

    When you will click on the purchase button, a Creehack option will popup asking if you want to buy it using creehack. Click on buy button to free coins using creehack

If the game supports Creehack, you will be able to buy in-app purchase for free using Creehack. If not, you will see a successful message but the purchase will not complete.

Does Creehack support online games?

Yes, creehack does support some of the online games. Although, there is no assurance about it supporting every online android game. Most of the server sided android games cannot be hacked using Creehack.

If you want an alternative to creehack, you can try Appsara, Leo Play card, Freedom card or any other modding tool.

If you need more information about Creehack or other modding apk files, you can comment below. We will try to provide you with as much information as possible.

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