Updating Phone Software

Learn manual method to update mobile phone’s software online. Learn how to download android phone software.

Phone software updates come regularly on the official website of the phone’s company. However, another method to update any mobile phone’s software is to go to their phone information section and check for latest updates.

Here, we are going to talk about various methods we can use to update phone software to latest upgrade. Also, we will share method to update various brand phones and their models.

How to update phone software manually?

To manually update android mobile phone software, here is the guide you need to follow –

Method to update mobile phone software manually

  1. Go to phone’s setting

  2. Scroll to bottom and select System

  3. Then click on System update

  4. Click on Check for Update option

  5. Download updated software

  6. Install the phone update

  7. Restart phone for the new update to function properly

So this is the easiest way to update phone software manually. Here is a video guide that might help you further –

Video guide to update phone software manually

If you have any problem updating your phone’s software, do leave comment for us.

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