skrilo app to make money watching ads online

Can we make money watching Video Ads?

Learn how to use Skrilo app to make money watching video ads. Skrilo pays money for watching advertisement on Youtube and app offers.

There are various apps that promise you of providing money making options. Even though many of the money making apps are real, most of them are fraud indeed.

Also, among those so called money making websites or apps, most of them have a threshold more than out patience. So for example, consider the minimum payout for a website is 100 dollars, but you give up after trying for a few weeks, leaving those hard earned 20 dollars into your account for nothing.

Therefore, here I am going to talk about some of the apps where you can make money watching video ads or youtube advertisements and these are real. The best part of this list is that I am not talking about direct money, I am talking about contests where you have to watch video ads to participate.

Which app pays money to watch videos?

The app that I am talking about is called Skrilo. And I have proof that it pays you. Skrilo is a legit video money making app which can help you in earning money from home online. Check Creehack for free in app purchase.

What is Skrilo?

Skrilo is an android app that features promotional videos from various e-commerce websites, multinational companies and brands. It lets users to create an account and watch promotional video ads of it’s advertising partner brands.

Once a user watches ads, Skrilo provides them with chances to earn points. With each point earned. user’s rank in the rankboard for the week or month increases. There is a base of prize in form of virtual cash that can be withdrawn to wallets. Since I have personally made money watching ads on Skrilo, I can assure you of the app being legit.

How to make money watching advertisement videos?

Learn method to earn money online by watching video ads on Skrilo App.

  1. Download Skrilo App from Play Store

    First of all, visit the official Play store on Android and search for Skrilo. Download the app and install in your phone to start making money watching ads.

  2. Enter your mobile number and verify OTP

    After installing Skrilo, enter the mobile number in the app and verify using OTP received on the phone number

  3. Create profile and upload personal details

    After verifying mobile number, enter your personal details and create a profile to earn money watching ads.

  4. Select your ads preferences

    You will be prompted to choose your preference for type of ads you want to watch and earn money. We recommend selecting all categories to get more ad views.

  5. Click on Chances Tab

    You will see a tab called ‘Chances’ in the dashboard of the app. It will tell you how many ad views you have. It gets refreshed, so keep checking as new ads come.

  6. Watch ads and answer contest questions

    Some ads shall ask you to answer question about the video. Answering question shall increase points fast and increase your chance of winning prize money.

  7. Withdraw money in Paytm wallet

    Once you find yourself in the leaderboard, you shall be rewarded with money in the app’s wallet. You can withdraw money in cash through Paytm.

Watch the video above to understand how Skrilo works.

If you have any question regarding other apps to make money watching videos, please do let us in the comment below. We will try out best to provide more details about such apps and websites.

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