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Can you hack in-app purchase in Android apps and games?

With the popularity of Android games and modded apps, users are now attracted more towards modifying the app for their ease of access. One of the modifications people look for is to get in-app purchases for free. They try to use modding tools to hack in-app purchases.

Even though it is not that easy to find methods for hacking in-app purchases without rooting your phone, we must warn you that it is not legal to use tools that promise you so.

Is it possible to hack in-app purchases in Android?

Yes, using some technical tools and brief knowledge about modding android apps, you might be able get free in-app purchases in Android phones. But most of these apps are limited to local sided games or apps. If you would try to hack server sided games, there is a very high probability that you will fail.

Why should you not hack in-app purchases?

Yes, you should never try hacking in-app transactions in any app or game. And the first reason for this is – It’s illegal to do that.

All in-app purchases in apps and games are legally termed as transactions, and hacking that refers to be a crime in any part of the world. Any transaction hack is prohibited legally, be it purchases in apps or games. Even hacking coins and points in games may bring termination of your game account.

Android Apps to get free in-app purchases

I am not sure if you should install any of these apps in your android phone, because I don’t trust the source of these apps. But since there are no modding tools available on Play store, the only way you can hack in app purchase for free on Android is to either choose to root your phone, or use any of these free apps.

Some of these apps are popular among developers too and get regular mentions at Xda developer forum. We have gathered list of most popular apps for getting in app purchase for free in Android phones.

List of in-app purchase hacking apps

  • Lucky Patcher

    One of the most popular android app modding tool, Lucky Patcher app has been widely regarded as the best app to hack in app purchase without root. However, there are mixed reviews about the success rate of Lucky Patcher. That is why we are not sure if it really works or not. You might give it a try if you are really willing to go beyond risks to get in app purchase for free.

  • Creehack

    Creehack is not a tool to hack in app transactions. Rather, it is more like an in-built gift card that tries to use itself as the payment mode for getting free in-app purchase. It creates environment for transactions in Play store to complete and send a message to the game server about successful in app purchase. Using creehack, if successful, is illegal. We recommend you not to install Creehack in your phone. Also, there is another down side that it requires you to root your phone first, which again, we don’t recommend.

  • Freedom APK

    Freedom is another app like Creehack that promises to crack transactions and get you free in app purchase benefits in Android. However, it is required to root phone before installing Freedom APK, which makes this app not only vulnerable but even riskier. Freedom APK is widely used as the fake payment method in Play store purchases. One of the common review about Freedom APK is that it shows ‘Payment Successful’ when trying to buy in app purchase for free, but neither does the payment gets completed, nor does the purchase occur. So we recommend not using Freedom APK for in-app purchase hacks.

  • Leo PlayCard

    Leo Play card has been getting some positive reviews though. For most of the non-server sided games, Leo Play card has been able to provide free in app purchases. It can also hack in app purchases without root. But even though it sounds promising, at least more than other modding tools, because of legal reasons, we must not recommend you to install Leo Play Card.

Some more apps like these are Appsara , Uret patcher and more. But since we do not recommend installation of these hacking apps, we are not providing you detailed information regarding those.

Can you get free in-app purchases in Android?

Yes, you can. And to get free in app purchase, you don’t need to use any tool or hacking software. Rather, we have found that there are some legal ways to get in app purchases for free too.

How can we get free in-app purchases?

The most promising method is to buy some play store credit from Paypal or any other payment method. You can use debit card or credit card too. Many gift card sellers sell Play store gift cards to redeem as Play store credit.

Once you have bought it, go to https://play.google.com/redeem and enter the code. The amount shall be credited to your Play store account.

Just after the completion of this process, you will see a message of successful transaction and freebie offers. You can claim that offer for free in-app purchases for many android games like Coin Master and more. For that, you will be provided with a game installation link. Click on that link and you will get free in app purchases legally.

This method provides some of the most popular server sided games purchases for free too.

Hacking Paypal or Amazon purchases is illegal

Many android users try hacking Paypal purchases for free, and get free Amazon gift card using modding tools. For those users, I am warning that doing these kinds of activities might not only prohibit you from using these services, but may also bring legal actions upon you. It is completely illegal to hack Paypal in app purchases or Amazon app purchase hacks.

If you want free gift cards for Paypal and Amazon, we recommend you taking part in online contents or visit websites like Swagbucks where you can complete some tasks to get free purchases in Paypal and Amazon.

Please note that we do not support use of any of the above mentioned apps. You must never try to hack in app purchases or get free purchases illegally.

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