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Best GIF Downloader Apps For Android

List of best GIF downlaoder apps for android and trick to download GIF from Google to android.

If you are one of the millions of GIF fans, you must be in search of a GIF downloading app for your android phone. There are many websites that allow you to download GIF image on Android. However when it comes to apps, you always wonder – Can I download GIFs on Android using app?

Here, you are going to know about apps that can help you in saving an animated GIF and send GIFs on Android phones through Whatsapp, facebook and other apps.

Can I download GIFs on Android?

Yes, you can download GIFs on Android. However, to download GIF images, you either need to have GIF sharing apps like messenger or Whatsapp installed in your phone. Sometimes, you’ll be able to download GIFs from Google to android phone directly. But there is no guarantee about it.

How do I download GIF from Google to Android phone?

To save animated image from Google to Android, you need to have a GIF downloader app in your phone. There are various GIF downloading apps you can choose from.

A simple process to download and send GIF on android is to do the following –

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to download GIF from Google to Android?

  1. Go to Google Images.

    First of all, go to Google’s homepage – and then go to Google Images page.

  2. Search for a GIF and press enter.

    In Google Image search box, enter the keyword you want to download GIF for. Then, press enter or click on the search icon to search GIF for gif on android

  3. On Android, tap on the GIF and hold.

    Once you find the GIF you want to download and share, tap and hold upon the GIF image from the Google search result.

  4. From the menu that appears, select share image option.

    Upon tapping and holding on the GIF, you’ll get four options – Open image in New tab, Download image, Search Google for this image, and, Share image. Click on fourth option.

  5. Select the app you want to send GIF using.

    Now, you need to select an app where you want to download and send GIF. You can select either facebook, whatsapp, email, or any other messaging or sharing android app for that.

  6. Download and Send GIF. Save GIF to gallery.

    Once you send the GIF using Whatsapp or Messenger, you can then save the image into Google Photos or Gallery too. That’s how you can download and send GIF on android.

So this is how you can download and send GIF image from one android phone to another.

List of GIF Downloader Apps for Android

To download GIF, you can use one of the following apps mentioned. These apps have thousands of GIFs to download and share on Android phones.

  1. GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine
  2. GIF Search
  3. Gif Downloader – All wishes gifs
  4. GIF | Video | Tweet Downloader
  5. GIF For WhatsApp
  6. YouGif – Explore & Download Gifs
  7. GIF Search – Trending GIF,Funny GIF, Hot GIF Emoji
  8. GIF Keyboard
  9. GIFkaro – Share and Download GIFs for Whatsapp
  10. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

Besides, if you want to share GIFs using Whatsapp and Facebook, you can directly search for GIF through the emoji section. For more information about GIF sharing on Android, comment with your suggestions and questions.

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