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5 Tricks to create Winning team in Dream11

Check how to create winning team in Dream11 fantasy cricket. Learn about tricks to win Dream11 matches every time..

Dear friends, today we are going to talk about the very popular fantasy gaming app named Dream11. Dream11 provides you with option to create fantasy team, join paid leagues and make money if you end up ranking in top teams. However, there are people who keep losing money and therefore are looking for trick to win in Dream11. So is there any trick to make winning team in Dream11?

Let’s find out our guide to make money playing Dream11. But before that, I must admit that Dream11 is a legal app and is regulated according to the laws in India.

Don’t play Grand League Contests

First rule of making money through Dream11 is that you never play Grand leagues. Grand league matches do not make you rich. If you want to make money playing Dream11, you need to play small leagues, head to head matches. These are where your chance of winning are highest.

Keep checking latest team news

There are many websites which provide regular update of winning teams in Dream11. They tell you news about team squad changes, pitch report and performance of players in last matches.

Dream11 prediction websites are hardly accurate but you can use the information provided there to create Dream11 winning team.

Dream 11 winning team trick

Create 2-3 Dream11 teams in every match

You cannot ever be sure about squad or performance of any team and therefore I always recommend making more than 1 teams in every match. You must create two to three Dream11 teams with minor changes so that your chance of creating winning team increases.

Check for weather condition at match venue

There are often chances of rain between matches and those possibilities are mentioned in venue’s weather report. If you see chances like that, make sure you might have some one sided teams created either. Because in those matches, mostly runs matter and there are lesser chance of wickets falling from either sides.

Whichever team bats first, there are chances of runs made by that time as being the highest contributors in Dream11 team points.

cricket match weather matters in dream11 winning team prediction

Make combination of Captain and Vice captain

There are always different types of recommendation from various Dream11 prediction sites. To be sure, no one can predict exactly which player is going to perform best. Therefore, we recommend you to create teams with different captains and vice captains.

Pick 3-4 players you think might perform well and make their combination for captains and vice captains in following format – P2-P1 , P1-P3 , P3-P2. This way, each player becomes captain in one team and vice captain in another team, increasing possibility of their full benefit.

So these are some of the tips you can follow to create winning team in Dream11. If you have any other method you will like me to add, please comment below and I will add that option to the post either.

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