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Cracker Barrel Game Hacks – 100% Winning Tricks

Trick to hack Cracker Barrel game and win everytime.

Cracker Barrel is insanely popular. The game is not only one of the most popular puzzle games, it’s a game that you end up playing even though you are not aware of playing.

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Cracker Barrel Game Board

If you haven’t came across the Cracker Barrel game, here is a brief information about the mathematical game.

  • There is a triangular board in the Cracker Barrel Game.
  • The board has 15 holes in it.
  • There are pegs that you need to put in those holes.
  • You have to hop pegs over one another.
  • You keep on doing it until one of the peg remain. If it does, you’re the winner.

How to win Cracker Barrel game?

Now, before we talk about the Cracker Barrel game hacking trick, here is detail about winning the game first.

You need to first arrange pegs in 14 holes so that there is just one hole remaining. Now, instead of hacking Cracker Barrel, you can also use simple mathematics trick to solve Cracker Barrel game.

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Cracker Barrel Game Trick

To win Cracker barrel game, you need to do the following –

  1. You need to hop a peg upon another peg but into an empty hole only.
  2. If you do, you can remove that peg and do the same with another.
  3. Each time you hop a peg upon another and put it in an empty hole, peg that you hopped through gets removed.
  4. So for example, you have a peg in position 1, another peg in position 2 and an empty hole in position 3, you hop the peg 1 over peg 2 into hole. The peg 2 therefore gets removed.
  5. Having gone through this rule, you need to keep hopping until you have only 1 peg left.

If you do that successfully, you are declared as winning Cracker Barrel game.

Hacking Cracker Barrel Game

Now, if you want to hack the Cracker Barrel game and want to know the trick to win Cracker Barrel 100%, here are steps you can follow. Please make sure that one wrong step can make you lost the game.

Follow the given Cracker Barrel game hacking trick –

  1. Arrange all pegs with position 1 as empty.

  2. Hop peg at position 4 to position 1.

  3. Move peg at position 6 to position 4.

  4. Move peg at position 1 to position 6.

  5. Hop peg at position 7 to position 2

  6. Put peg at position 13 to hole at 4.

  7. Peg at position 10 goes to position 8.

  8. Peg 2 goes to hole at 7.

  9. Peg at 7 should be hopped to position 9.

  10. Place peg at 15 into hole at 13.

  11. Peg 12 goes to hole at 14.

  12. Peg at 6 goes into 13th position.

  13. Move peg 14 to hole 12.

  14. End game with moving peg 11 to position 13.

If you follow given steps, the Cracker Barrel game hack will work everytime, Through this step, you can win every game at the Cracker Barrel.

Video guide to play using Cracker Barrel Hacking Trick

Watch this video and you can learn how to play and win Cracker Barrel game using the trick.

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