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Can we monitor system on Android using Apps?

List of most used system monitor apps for android. Learn about CC Cleaner. Tinycore , CPU-Z and other OS monitor apps.

System monitoring is a part of taking care of your Android phone. If you are unaware of your android’s system performances or ram usage. you will end up getting your android phone crashed.

Your android’s performance also depends upon battery usage, ram usage, rom usage as well as storage system. If you have an android system monitor widget installed, it will serve as a care taker of your android phone. It acts as the memory monitor and cpu heat monitor app.

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What is an Android OS system monitor app?

tinycore android OS monitor
tinycore is one of the most popular system monitor apps

An Android system monitor is an app installed in your android phone that tracks how your battery and android ram is being used. For example, if your phone is getting too heated while using, it might be because of overuse of android RAM. The System monitor widget will them reflect and indicate system usage on the home screen.

Which is the best android system monitor widget?

We cannot name one app as the best system monitor app for android. However, according to most tech blogs, top 3 android system monitor apps are –

Name of AppDeveloperRatingsDownload Link
CCleaner: Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, BoosterPiriform 4.5/5Download App
CPU-ZCPUID4.5/5Download App
Tinycore – CPU, RAM monitorNeoTech Software4/5Download App

We have also been able to get a list of apps that can be considered as most used and installed system monitor APKs.

Here is a list of apps that you can install on your android phone to monitor system usage, battery usage and more.

List of Android OS Monitor Apps

Here are some of the most popular Android System monitor apps –

So these is the list of most popular Android apps to monitor system and use as OS monitor widget. You can also check list of other apps like Lucky Patcher Games list and Cheat Engine.

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