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Play iMessage games – List of Android imessage games

Learn how to play imessage games on Android. Download imessage APK for games and messages.

For sure, you must be knowing that there are various iMessage games to play on android phones. You can play these android SMS games online for free. There are many popular iMessage games to play like sea battle, game pigeon etc!

If you do not know method to play pigeon game on Android, here is complete tutorial about playing iMessage android games.

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Can we use iMessage on Android?

No, we cannot. There is no official iMessage app for android phones available. However, lucky for you, there is another option available for you to enable iMessage support on Android phones. 

The app is called Piemessage. Learn more about Pimessage app below.

What is Piemessage app?

Piemessage App is the alternate for iMessage on android device. iMessage is the official messaging app in iOS. However, Piemessage enables support for using iMessage and playing iMessage games on Android phones too.

Piemessage is an open source project and can be checked or downloaded here at github. Click here to download iMessage for android.

Using iMessage for Android

How to play iMessage games on Android phones?

  1. Go to Github and download Piemessage APK.

    First of all, you have to visit the official website of Github and search for Piemessage android app. Download APK file from there.use imessage for android step 1

  2. Open Message app in iphone.

    Go to your iphone’s menu and launch the message app.

  3. Add icloud account to message.

    To add iCloud to imessage, go to Message, then click on Preferences and then select Accounts. Connect iCloud account from there.

  4. In your OSX device, copy the PieMessage project files.

    This is to create the environment for the iMessage to function. You can get Piemessage project clone from the Github page.

  5. Change socketAddress value.

    Once cloned, you are then required to edit the value of socketAddress in PieOSXClient/src/ and replace it with your OSX device’s IP Address.

  6. Do the GUI Setup

    After completing step 5, Move messages.applescript to home folder, Open the JavaWebServer/ in IntelliJ and Run the Server class. Then, Open the PieOSXClient/ , Run PieOSXClient class.

  7. Compile PieMessage APK in Android Studio and install.

    Now, Open PieMessage-Android/ as a project in Android Studio. From there, Compile apk to any Android device of your choice. Install it and run.

So this is how you can use iMessage and play iMessage games on Android smartphones.

List of iMessage games for Android

Here is the list of iMessage games we can play on Android phones using the Piemessage apk.

  • Four in a row
  • Cobi Hoops
  • Quiktionary
  • FastThumbs
  • Wit – What is this
  • Mr. Putt
  • Checkmate!
  • StickyMonster
  • GamePigeon

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Have some other advices for us about iMessage games on Android? Please let us know in comments below.

Also, if you have alternate methods for using iMessage on Android, or alternate android apps for iMessage, let us know about those too. 

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