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Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Process Explained

You can check Aadhar card status through UIDAI portal. You can also use SSUP Portal to check Aadhar update status.

Today, we are going to talk about the process to check Aadhar card status. UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India, has launched online portal for all Aadhar card services.

Therefore, from applying for new Aadhar card, to updating details or changing Aadhar card details, as well as tracking Aadhar card update status or checking Aadhar card status – You can use online services of UIDAI.

check aadhar card status at self service update portal
SSUP Portal screenshot

What is current status of Aadhar card?

Currently, Aadhar card is in Active status. It means that your Aadhar card can be currently used as the identification certificate in India. Currently, Aadhar card status is allowed as PoI or Proof of Identification, as well as PoA or Proof of Address.

However, if for some reason, your Aadhar card status is not confirmed, you can go to UIDAI portal and verify Aadhar card details online.

How to check Aadhar card status?

To check Aadhar card status, you can follow the provided details. Make sure that you have either your UID number or Enrolment number to check Aadhar status online.

Online method to check Aadhar card status.

  1. Go to UIDAI portal.

  2. Go to My Aadhar section.

  3. Select ‘Check Aadhar status’ option.

  4. Write enrolment id in the form as in the slip.

  5. Enter the date and time of enrolment.

  6. Verify captcha and find Aadhar card status there.

This method can only be used to check Aadhar card status. If you want to check Aadhar card update status, you will have to use the SSUP method.

Is your Aadhar card in valid state?

As per September 2019, your Aadhar card is in valid state. You can use your Aadhar card for all government identity verification processes.

If you have made any change in Aadhar card details, you will have to verify new Aadhar card details by going to Self Service Update Portal. There, you will find the form to check Aadhar update status.

Enter your basic details like Update Request Number (URN Number) or Service Request Number (SRN Number) and you can then find if your Aadhar card information are valid or not.

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